[SingPoWriMo Day 8] Shhhhh about day 7

Day 8 Prompt:

Write a pantun.
The pantun is a Malay poetic form that dates back to the 1400s. You may have heard some before—the national song “Di Tanjong Katong” is one. They’re difficult, but it’s the weekend, and it’s our heritage, so suck it up. 1) Usually, a pantun is made up of four lines of roughly equal length. 2) The rhyme scheme is abab. Half-rhyme is completely acceptable: it’s more common than full rhyme. 3) The first two lines are the pembayang (shadow), which set the tone of the poem—often, they’re a set of symbols, question or a riddle. 4) The second two lines are the maksud (meaning), which give a more literal answer to the riddle. Specifically, the third line explains the meaning, and the fourth line delivers the punch.


with gusto the buzzing honey bee,
flits over one flora for another’s offering
the honey it gathers will stay as sweet
as that of the overlooked petals, still spread openly.

it seems there’s hope in such stubborn persistency
of the silky layers splayed for dreams of coupling
yet eventually the moon lingers longer than sun
and the bud falls to better protect the whole plant.


[a note: if you want answers re: what happened to day seven, the prompt was to write a poem about an artwork currently on display in ngs. i love ngs too much to sully it with my shitty writing lel

also!! this prompt was so hard cause i am very very bad at writing to fit a particular form or format where are my #freeverse kiddos and also i am very bad at rhyming. my rhyming is usually cringey, neither in halves nor slants and just not beautiful but instead clumsy. so yeah you actually see some of that here with the second stanza being aabb instead of abab cos ey shitty brain HAHAHA]


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